Les Peches de Vignes

Peche de vignes 1.jpgWhat are vine peaches, les peches de vignes

Peche des Vignes are a varticular type of peach not a specific variety.

The word vigne comes from where they are often grow, in vineyards, very often at the end of the regular rows of vines.  The peaches are not grown as a distinct crop but are used as an early warning system.



The Peche de Vignes are particularly susceptible to a fungal attack which can completely decimate the grape harvest in warm damp climatic conditions...Mildew.peche au vignes 2.jpg

The leaves of the peach trees show an imminent mildew attack thus giving the winemaker time to spray his vines with Bordeaux mixture to prevent the plants being killed.


The peaches are dark red in colour and have a distinctive 'mouse fur' appearance or a light grey brown furry exterior.  Their flesh is firm and sweet and are harvested and found in the shops in the first week of August.  There are many fewer Peche des vignes trees so the price tends to be double